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FCF Partners in Education
Teacher Vision Grants

January 24, 2014

Dear Educator,

You have an exciting challenge to motivate youth to think creatively, to step into leadership roles, and to address the challenges of the future. If you are thinking about adopting new and innovative ways to teach and for students to learn, the Vision Grants program offered by Foothills Community Foundation (FCF), Partners In Education (PIE) may help you to reach your goals.

Vision Grants will be awarded in amounts from $500 to $5,000 each year. Applications are accepted from teachers in schools within the boundaries of the Cave Creek Unified School District. FCF-Partners In Education has a special interest in projects that promise to advance learning in the arts, mathematics, technology and the environment in grades K-12. However, any innovative project that has an academic focus and measurable objectives to improve student achievement will be considered. Multi-year projects with significant promise will also be considered.

Applications will be judged on the extent to which they promise sustainable innovations in teaching methodology, the number of students impacted and the degree of transferability to other classes or schools, the probability of successful measurable outcomes, and the degree to which the project is integrated with and supportive of the curriculum goals of the school and system. Highly regarded projects will also incorporate matching funds, community resources, and interdisciplinary approaches. Applications from grade or subject matter teaching teams are encouraged. A copy of the Grant Evaluation Criteria form used by the PIE Committee to evaluate the project is attached.

Grants may be used to purchase equipment, curriculum materials, training or hiring consultants. Purchases should be just one component of a well-planned project, integrated with other curriculum materials and activities.

Please send your completed application to Visiongrants@azfcf.org by midnight, Tuesday, April 15, 2014. Your application must be approved by your principal and respective curriculum supervisor. If any questions arise, please contact Bob Zinser at (480) 575-6981 or email: bkz6365@aol.com.

Submitting the application indicates that you understand that all grant awards shall be at the discretion of the PIE Committee and that you understand and agree to the following:

  1. Teacher Vision Grant finalists will be invited to follow up their written application with an informal discussion of the project with PIE Committee members at the FCF Holland Community Center or the applicant's school.
  2. Grant recipients are required to submit a Teacher Vision Grant Program Evaluation form to PIE by the conclusion of the school year, as well as participate in a classroom observation by several PIE Committee members.
  3. PIE shall have the right to disseminate project descriptions and evaluations. Print or digital pictures may be used to enhance project summaries. PIE may use appropriately released photos for publicity purposes.
  4. Your principal and curriculum supervisor have reviewed this application and are supportive of your application.

We look forward to some innovative and creative grant ideas and truly appreciate all you do for our students.


Partners In Education Committee

Mark Warren, Chair

Rose Mary Ciammitti

Penny Davis

Jill Hall

Gail Peak

Diane Vaszily

Bob Zinser

Teacher Vision Grants

2013 Award Winners

Tandehl Collentine-McLean - $3,800

Foundations of Academic Mentoring (FAM) Teacher
Cactus Shadows High School

Anne Skummer - $1,500

5th and 6th Grade Teacher
Foothills Academy Elementary Prep

Angie Braude - $4,000

Science Teacher
Sonoran Trails Middle School

Cindy Puschak - $5,000

Music Teacher
Desert Sun Academy

Katherine Pulling - $5,000

Physics Teacher
Cactus Shadows High School