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FCF Administrative Staff

Chris Winger, President/CEO

Chris@azfcf.org, (480) 488-1090 ext. 14

Karen Mackiewich, Managing Director, Operations

Karen@azfcf.org, (480) 488-1090 ext. 96

Meribeth Reeves, Managing Director, Desert Foothills Theater

Meribeth@desertfoothillstheater.com, (480) 488-1981 ext. 17

Lori Kelchner, Organizational Coordinator

Lori@azfcf.org, (480) 488-1090 ext. 15

Anthony Baskovitz, Marketing Coordinator

Anthony@azfcf.org, (480) 488-1090 ext. 97

Hearts and Hands

Fourth Annual Community Fundraiser

Sunday March 8, 2015

Booking FCF
Holland CC

Our facilities are available for use by our members and public events.

For additional information please call (480) 488-1090 or email info@azfcf.org