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Save One Student!

Nourish a Mind

Last year, almost 10% of the children in our Cave Creek Unified School District were unable to access the tutoring, after-school, and summer school programs needed to help them flourish in the classroom.

Government programs fed their bodies. Your contribution will nourish their minds.

Make your tax-deductible contribution to Partners In Education Now!

  • Send checks to FCF-PIE, 34250 N. 60th Street, Bldg. B, Scottsdale, AZ 85266,
  • Call 480.488.1090 to make a credit card contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many students received SOS support last year? In AY2010/11, the generous contributions of Partners in Education supporters provided a total of 46 SOS (Save One Student) scholarships. Ten children were given a head start in preschool. The families of 36 additional children that met federal poverty threshold levels were provided with scholarships to grade appropriate enrichment and tutorial programs offered through Desert Foothills Community Education and Services

What is Desert Foothills Community Education and Services? DFCES is a department of the Cave Creek Unified School System, reporting to the Superintendent and the School Board. However, Arizona Law does not permit taxes to support Community Education programs. The DFCES budget of $1.7M is funded by tuition and fees for its programs, and donations from the community and organizations like PIE. Unlike many Community Education programs, DFCES's programs are focused almost entirely on children aged 3-18. Click Here to go to the DFCES Website.

Does the school district override being voted in November 2011 provide for funds for DFCES? No.

Are students from charter and private schools eligible for SOS Scholarships? Students living in the CCUSD district are eligible for SOS scholarships, regardless of the school they attend.

How are students selected for scholarships? Parents seeking scholarships submit a request for financial assistance and provide proof of income. DFCES awards scholarships on a sliding scale based on the Federal poverty thresholds used to qualify for financial assistance. Every applicant pays something.

For which supplemental programs may students or their parents apply?

DFCES Child's Play Learning Centers

PIE SOS scholarships to this preschool program have the same goal as Project Headstart: “to provide comprehensive child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families, with a special focus on helping preschoolers develop the early reading and math skills they need to be successful in school.” The Child's Play program has been designed to meet the needs of the whole child and their emotional, social, physical and cognitive growth. A variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials designed to emphasize hands-on learning.

DFCES Homework Club

This class is integrated into the K-6 Kid's Club program, Monday -Thursday. SOS Scholarships provide a place for “latchkey kids” to work on good study habits and to receive tutorial assistance from qualified personnel. A teacher is available to help students understand and complete daily homework assignments. The teacher works closely with classroom teachers to stay abreast of students needs. First through second graders receive 30 minutes of assistance. Third through 6th graders receive 45 minutes.

DFCES Summer Programs (Academic)

DFCES offers variety of remedial and enrichment programs in the arts and traditional academic areas on a fee basis. SOS scholarships support students who would benefit from these programs.

Teacher Vision Grants

2013 Award Winners

Tandehl Collentine-McLean - $3,800

Foundations of Academic Mentoring (FAM) Teacher
Cactus Shadows High School

Anne Skummer - $1,500

5th and 6th Grade Teacher
Foothills Academy Elementary Prep

Angie Braude - $4,000

Science Teacher
Sonoran Trails Middle School

Cindy Puschak - $5,000

Music Teacher
Desert Sun Academy

Katherine Pulling - $5,000

Physics Teacher
Cactus Shadows High School