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FCF Officers, Directors, and Past Presidents

FCF Officers

John Arant: Chair

Bert Castro: Vice Chair

Jeff Miller: Treasurer

Denise DiGianfilippo: Secretary

FCF Directors

Lori Gleason

Dennis Gougion

Evelyn Holbrook

Ginny Holzemer

Noah Kendrick

Mike Powell

Peter Strupp

Mark Warren

FCF Past Presidents

Jeff Miller, 2012-2013

Ton Lankford, 2011-2012

Bob Herrmann, 2009-2011

Louise Rosenburgh, 2007-2008

Susan Vanik, 2005-2006

Jill H. Ford, 2003-2004

Lynn Walsh, 2002

Frank Abbruscato, 2000-2001

Vicki King, 1998-1999

Kathy Noltze, 1996-1997

Gerard Veneman, 1995

Dorothy McGinnis, 1994

Luther Dilatush, 1993

Richard Bergstrom, 1992

George Holland, 1991

Marie Rector, 1990

David Rewick, 1989

George Bowles, 1988

Donald Parks, 1987

Chet Goldberg, 1986

Hearts and Hands

Fourth Annual Community Fundraiser

Sunday March 8, 2015

Booking FCF
Holland CC

Our facilities are available for use by our members and public events.

For additional information please call (480) 488-1090 or email info@azfcf.org