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The Desert Awareness Committee

Desert Awareness Committee has been the community resource advocate for the Sonoran Desert since 1974. Our mission is to educate residents and visitors so that they may join us in understanding, conserving and preserving our fragile desert, its plants and animals, its water and wildlife.

Desert Reach Program

We accomplish our education mission through:

  • Our Desert Reach fourth grade program where we share a hands-on experience involving desert ecology
  • Our desert edibles and medicinal seminars for the public at large to understand how to harvest, prepare and use desert plants
  • Our Fragile Desert publication, a practical and informative guide to living sustainably in the Sonoran Desert
  • Our 100 fascinating natural history articles written by members over 25 years to help understand the desert

Desert Awareness Park

We accomplish our conservation mission through:

We accomplish our conservation mission through our stewardship at Desert Awareness Park, located in Cave Creek, where you'll find short trails , an interpretive center, picnic areas and an abundance of meaningful information about the desert.

Become Involved

If you love the desert, want to know more, or ant to help us accomplish our mission, come join us. Complete our online interest form or call the office at 480-488-1090 for more information.


Desert Awareness Gateway Park Work Crew

DAC Event Schedule

DAC Calander Thumb

Archaeology Day Celebration

Sat., Mar. 7, 2015

at Spur Cross with Cave Creek Museum

Desert Awareness Committee

DAC Calander Thumb

SciTech Festival

Sat., Mar. 14, 2015

At Desert Awareness Park

Desert Awareness Committee

DAC Calander Thumb

Cave Creek Trail Run

Sun., Apr. 5, 2015

at Spur Cross

Desert Awareness Committee

DAC Calander Thumb

Desert Harvest Medicine Plant Seminar

Sat., May. 9, 2015

at Desert Awareness Park

Desert Awareness Committee